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New Grading Policy

There will be a change in our school grading policy that will take place starting second semester, January 6, 2015. For all the details please click here.

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New Classroom Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Starting Monday, November 3, parents may continue to bring books, homework, gym clothes, etc. to the school office if their child forgets these at home.  However, we wanted you to know that students will not be called out during the school day to pick them up.  Students may come to the office on their way to lunch to get their item or if the item is needed before lunch they may check the office before that class to see if it has arrived.

We must institute this policy because classroom instruction is being interrupted every hour having to call students down to the office for forgetting something at home. I would ask that you consider giving your child one chance each semester to forget something and then let them suffer the consequences.  We need to help them learn to be responsible, and this is a perfect way to do it.

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